Rio Sabe Loco and Sheradon Bryce

Welcome to Rio Sabe Loco, the curious child's playground of thought! This is the doorway into a great library of information, abstracts, concepts and insights by savant Sheradon Bryce. The information and experiences offered here could comfortably be categorized in a diversity of disciplines: physics, molecular genetics, comparative mythologies, metaphysics, psychology, and cosmology. As a whole, the information offers a bold new understanding of man’s life on planet earth, the future of the human species and beyond.

Much of this material will be found in other places and at other times, either literally, or disguised in a variety of metaphors. What is different about this material is that it attempts to explain all of man’s existence in frameworks adequate enough to bridge all existing bodies of thought into one great whole. It’s ambition is to decipher the languages of all religions and sciences and fill in the missing pieces—thereby deciphering the great Rosetta stone of the Universe, providing a more functional common language for all people.

You could call Sheradon Bryce a genius, prodigy, or savant. From other perspectives or cultures she would be called shaman, mystic, channel, psychic, oracle, prophet or seer. All of these terms could describe her in some ways and yet not in others. We have chosen to call her a mystic savant because she has a super human ability to articulate, just as other savants show a form of genius in a particular way.

Sheradon is an articulating savant, meaning that while in trance state, she has a unique ability to interpret and articulate abstract concepts, and genetic and sub-atomic data within the human body. She is able to access and articulate information on any topic addressed by the audience. Just as other savants show a form of genius in music, math or some particular fashion, Sheradon’s gift is the seeming ease into which she is able to access complex and abstract subjects and bring forth startling and provocative insights into the nature of our existence. The information brought forth in this manner is broad, cohesive, and multifaceted. Over the course of the last 10 years, it has continued to build upon itself and expand our understanding of every aspect of the human experiment.

Fantastic you may say, but consider this. A musical savant can play complex pieces after hearing them only once. Mozart could hear complete symphonies in his head faster than anyone could properly transcribe them. A mathematical savant can multiply large numbers in his or her head instantaneously. Other savants can accurately tell time without the use of any type of clock or timing device! A sculpting savant can model exacting replicas of animals he or she has never fully studied! The human mind can be a wonderfully powerful tool, so powerful that it can seem magical and other-worldly.

Sheradon’s gift has much broader application than that of most savants. Her articulations can be directed in any manner focused by the audience. She can address cosmology, psychology, mythology, physics, history, or any other aspect of existence. She explains the physics of Shamanism and the psychology of atoms. Her dialogues have explained such topics as the respiration of the Universe, the nature of man’s existence, and the afterlife. In a trance state, she connects with the web or fabric of the Universe to which all life is attached and from which all things grow; the delicate and immense nervous system of All That Is and the life flowing through it.

She can recall the history of this planet and universe from a wealth of perspectives. Some of the concepts, frameworks, and theories articulated can appear absurd at first glance; yet these concepts are often corroborated by scientific findings after the fact. The nature and depth of the discussions are limited only by the ability of the audience to anchor the information by their comprehension and assimilation. We are especially interested in making connections with qualified specialists in all fields of science to apply Sheradon’s gift in specific directions.

Sheradon enters a trance state similar to that achieved by some shamans and a deeper trance than that realized by most savants. She adopts a vocabulary and manner differing from her personality. As Sheradon’s personality steps aside, the personality named Sabe steps forward. Sabe is warm, friendly, provocative and powerful—yet greatly understated. He is approachable, humorous, and at times, outrageous! On occasion, he'll knock your socks off!

Sabe is like some great thundering laughter echoing through the Universe . . . the voice awaking you from a strange and troubled dream . . . the mysterious and intriguing stranger behind the tree in the distance . . . and the grand Clue Master of the virtual reality action game we call life. He remains the eternal tease.

As his comrade and predecessor Philip stated:

I am the yet to be joined,
the much more to meet,
the perplexity that rests,
at nobody’s feet.

Readers of Jane Robert’s Seth materials will enjoy this work as well as students of Noetic Sciences, Deepak Chopra, Edgar Cayce and any other metaphysical study, alternative thought or the new sciences. Anyone with an open mind has the likelihood of thoroughly enjoying this material.